• Backcountry Kids

    Backcountry Kids

    Young children can join Backcountry Kids Jackson and Emma as they explore Yellowstone National Park. Learn about Yellowstone National Park and how to stay safe while hiking and exploring the park. The beautiful illustrations will catch the eye of every young child as parents read about America’s first national park. Every child will be inspired to get outside, get some fresh air, and enjoy the great outdoors!

  • Backcountry Devotions

    Backcountry Devotions

    “Backcoutry Devotions” is now available!   Written by the Backcountry Chaplain, Backcountry Devotions keeps you connected to God during your time on the trail or in the backcountry. Fifteen devotions, four guided Bible Study discussions, a list of Bible verses applicable to the outdoors, and six hymns give you several days or nights of inspiration at a peaceful lake or around your campfire.

  • Yellowstone Time Trials

    Yellowstone Time Trials

    Filmed entirely in Yellowstone National Park, these videos provide natural motivation for anyone on a bike trainer or treadmill. Put the high-definition video on your big screen, crank up the high-energy soundtrack, and you’re off to an amazing workout. Now on Amazon as a DVD or download.




I wanted some bike trainer videos filmed in Yellowstone. I couldn't find any, so I made them.  Check them out on the Mountain Cruises web page.


I spend alot of time in the backcountry. I take pictures. A few are really nice and worth buying.  Check out Backcountry Views on Fine Art America. 

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Trip Report: Pebble Creek, Yellowstone National Park

Trip Report: Pebble Creek, Yellowstone National Park

Last spring, Roy asked me if I wanted to spend a few days in Pebble Creek.  I figured I would not go there on my own because it’s a long haul for small water, so I agreed. Good thing, too, because my summer plans have all fallen apart except for a couple trips; luckily, this(...)

On Netflix:

On Netflix: “Where The Yellowstone Goes”

I woke up early this morning to get in a good bike ride on the trainer, and I thought I’d search Netflix for a new movie rather than watching the old series I’ve been watching. God blessed me today when I saw that “Where The Yellowstone Goes” is now on Netflix!  It was a no brainer(...)